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Caleesi is an electronic music artist based in Berlin and part of the collective and label Urban Cosmonaut Radio.
She has developed her very own signature sound that has been shaped by influences of Urban Cosmonaut’s musical diversity, ranging from world music to downtempo deep house. But her influences reach far further and also include artists like Nicolas Jaar, Mira, Lauryn Hill and many more.

Caleesi’s music is diverse in style yet consistent in vibe: with an ear for melancholia that goes beyond genre or tempo, she often combines deep basslines with an emotional touch. Her sets tend to build up tension slowly, gradually releasing a flow that travels through warm synth lines into different moods and atmospheres - always focusing on the individual vibe and energy to create an intimate journey with the crowd.

She loves to tell a good story and has created her own kind of synergy in the process; mixing moody melodies with textured beats as the vibe continues to ebb and flow.

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