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She is an electronic music artist and passionate music collector based in Berlin. Her love for collecting music finally found its way to the turntables in Heidelberg in 2012, where she hosted a variety of events with a small collective. The events she organized ranged from raves in the woods, to club events and small theatre festivals, all of which sharpened her eye for detail and also shaped her very own style as a DJ. In 2016, she found her new home in Berlin as part of the artist union Amselcom.

Her sound is as unique as it is diverse, delivering to listeners uniquely curated, storytelling soundscapes with solid groove foundations. While her specialty is playing slow tech, she also loves to surprise her audience by playing genre-bending tracks and introducing mellow indie tunes, organic deep house as well as dub and hip hop influenced beats. With an exquisite ear for details, a love for flowing melodies and a knack for weaving surprisingly eclectic tracks into her sets, she has established a name for herself in many notable clubs and events and will continue to take her audience on journeys into the wide field of electronic music.

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